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The Build Portfolio is human and technological actualization, driven by the faith, belief and knowledge that we can all live better lives with technology.

We work with those building a better, more equitable, more sustainable, more meaningful, empathetic, engaging and aligned world.

We are solving for  
our social dilemma. 

Course Correction and Social Intervention

We recognize and condemn the ills of social engineering and unchecked, unethical tech and are actualized and taking authentic action in response. Using the same proven enterprise technologies and processes that commodify consumer behaviors, we’re realizing and creating a more equitable, more sustainable, more inclusive world.

Shaping Technology for Lives Well Lived

Driving and delivering authentic ideals, innovative, ethical ideas and products, we work with innovators to shape a better tomorrow just as our technologies have shaped today.

We’re dedicated to supporting, promoting and delivering on innovations that embrace a new ideology, one of humanity, sustainability and equality.

Supporting Social Impacts

From securing critical infrastructure to enabling Web 3 applications and actualizing artificial intelligence, we’re providing technical solutions and support for truly good ideas.

World Changing Technical Resources

Decisive navigation of your data, security, development, operations and cloud architecture challenges with culturally aligned, highly-skilled, on-demand technical professionals.


Ethical Innovation and Incubation

Realize your innovations like you’ve never thought possible, with the technical resources and proven processes usually reserved for enterprise applications and initiatives.


Scaling Good Ideas for Global Change

Maximizing the benefits, impacts and scalability of ethical, global, human-centered social, environmental and energy sector innovations with high-fidelity research and operational resources.


Facilitating Success and Transparent Solutions

Secure, transparent, sustainable and scalable solutions require proven processes and expertise. With enterprise-grade resources, analysis, research and solutions, our diverse, talented and culturally aligned teams are empowering ethical innovators, ensuring the secure development of disruptive, socially responsible technology for the future of humanity.

Optimized Cloud

Implementing holistic, cross-disciplinary excellence to AWS, GCP, Azure and other public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Zero Trust

Rapidly assessing, addressing and mitigating imminent threats and vulnerabilities with transformative security initiatives and protocols.

Trusted Talent

Talented, engaging and proven technical resources meeting the dynamic requirements and demands of rapidly changing operational environments.

Empowering A Future of Creativity and Community

Our technical teams securely and efficiently execute innovative, scalable, purpose-driven Web 2 solutions enabled for our inevitable Web 3 future. Using enterprise AI and ML technologies we’re building more stable, more secure, more consistent Web 3 solutions for disruptors, authentic innovators and entrepreneurs.

Data Driven Impacts and Insights

Find increased operational transparency and enhanced investment success.
Uncover social impacts, inherent challenges and actionable awareness with diverse insights.
Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning across methods, models, patterns, paths and potential, derived from qualitative and quantitative data stores.
Increase impacts, facilitate transparency and influence innovations that create opportunity and viability.

Actualized Technology Leading Actualization Strategies

Leading with the latest in AI capacity and ML resources, we’re actualizing the expertise that facilitated Web 1 and Web 2, to deliver new, secure, scalable and decentralized technologies for Web 3 and beyond.

Developing machine learning applications and empowering ethical innovators with previously unimaginable AI insights, we’re delivering the evolution of ethical, enterprise grade processes and technical resources.