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Safety and Well-Being Through AI uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor employee communications and data for improved brand equity and enhanced risk mitigation. From human resources to security and intellectual property, AI and ML measure sentiment, monitor threats and provide the necessary insights to avoid erosion of brand equity or unwanted legal challenges.
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Realizing a More Sustainable, Decarbonized Future

Designed for electricians and modern electrical design, analysis and collaboration, empowers electrical infrastructure engineers and operators with Web 3 enabled technology for real-time data sharing, automations and enhanced efficiencies. The purpose-built connectivity of solves the challenges of electrical design to facilitate a decarbonized future.
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Facilitating Authentic Human Connection, Socially

Soul Connect is our solution to the social dilemma, a uniquely honest social media application empowering equity, connection and authentic human discovery. It is unburdening souls and fighting social ills through exploration and authentic connection. Connect with your authentic self and others, as unbidden souls.
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Actualized Engineers and Technologies

Pivotal in the creation of social, streaming and digital commerce solutions used by global enterprise, we’re course correcting, fostering scalable solutions to current social and environmental challenges.

Empowering Equity and Community in Web3 and Beyond

Shaping the future of queer representation online, MetaQueens is using Web 3 and decentralized technologies to support and empower queer artists and creators in safe, secure digital spaces, rewriting narratives of equity and representation online and around the globe.
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Building Transparency  
and Scalability

Actualized engineers, developers and data architects

We’re devoted to using the technology and processes that built today to ethically address evident human and environmental need. In union with emerging, actualized AI and ML technologies, enhanced security protocols and decentralized network strategies, we’re intentionally and securely meeting the needs of humans and the planet, facilitating scalable technology to meet those needs, not profit from them.




Addressing a systemic lack of trust and support for foster youth, Bridges to Stand empowers young people transitioning from the foster care system to grow and connect with their inner selves. Aimed at repairing the connections between foster youth and their communities, programs are designed to build trust and allow for connections and safe discovery aimed at personal development, healthy relationships and positive reinforcement.

Mitigating Risk for New and Existing Projects

With a security-first mindset built into every development lifecycle, we assess and reduce exploit potential to enable faster, more secure product development, implementation and scale. Establish and implement scalable governance solutions that support enterprise-grade deployments and deliver DOD-grade security protocols for increased resilience and proactive threat mitigation.

Innovating Where We’re Needed

Our ethical, purpose-driven and actualized approach to development and technology involves supporting those in need across the globe, including countries embroiled in conflict.

Implementing actionable infrastructure and security initiatives in Ukraine we’re able to support all people equitably, protecting essential resources from disruption and ensuring a degree of stability and security in uncertain times.

Intentional Resources and Rapid Deployments

Diverse, culturally aligned and intentional technical resources rapidly assessing and delivering specific, comprehensive initiatives that align objectives, assess needs and deliver solutions to address immediate indeed, mitigate threats and truly transform your operation.

Building Transparency and Scalability

Transparent, sustainable and scalable social initiatives ensure maximum social impact and enhanced benefit for your products, services and investors. Engaging advances in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and diverse qualitative and quantitative data, we help ethical innovators determine, define and devise solutions to increase project viability and improve social impact. We score and fund projects for success, evaluating potential, considering the unintended and resourcing accordingly for maximum transparency and benefit.